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Nieuwe voorzitter SHC 2020

July 2020. I am Keshar Shrestha. I'm 42 years old and I'm a married man. I have 2 daughters and one son including my wife. Before I joined as chairman in SHC. I used do some social work individually and some times with the community. Because I like to help people who are in problems. Not only that I have my own business in construction sector where I build the houses by taking contract from the client. I design the house according to the client choices and when they like the concept of house plan we make an agreement and start construction in the site. There are about 20 people who work under me in a construction site. Even though I'm involved in the construction field I like to help people. So now I joined the SHC to serve the children. By seeing my contributions in social work my other board members choose me as chairman SHC. I believe that we can walk together to help children of the Dipendra school and the Duhabi home.

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