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De situatie in het oosten van Nepal is verslechterd

The current actual condition of Nepal (especially Eastern Terai), where our project area is located, is not good. This area is the most affected part in whole Nepal. Transportation closed situation is very normal over here. Any kind of political and non-political parties always have the first target over the transportation blockage. Some of the parties like tarai mukti morcha, young communist league (YCL), jana-jati, teachers group, Nepal workers group, jwala singh group, goet group, transportation workers & owners and many more are active group there.

The market closed, road blockages occur very often (for 1 day, 3 days, 2 days continuously, on 17th & 27t, for unlimited time, for 3 hours, from 10 am to 4 pm etc) and most of the times we never know when it happens. So if we go in the project site, we are sometimes blocked on the road and returned the day after.

Also in the project near by, Dipendra school, we have walked a number of times for about 1 hour to attend the important meeting. Also we have paid the rickshaw 8 times the normal price for reaching there during road blockages. So working here with limited resources is very awesome & time consuming. We are very dependable upon situation and still not sure if the planned works can be done in time. As for example, we had fixed the meeting with Duhabi board members on June 30 at 9:00 am, it was okay the day before. However, on the meeting day, the buses were blocked from the early morning. Because, due to conflict between ycl and terai mukti morcha. So our meeting was cancelled that day. This is the recent road blockage that occurred in this region and it was done for 3 days (june 30, july 1, july 2).

Also the Kathmandu highway was blocked during day time for 11 hours near by Lahan on July 8 2007. So, we, the affected people are tiresome of all these kinds of activities and living day by day over here. Because of these, local people in some areas have started to block the roads by themselves demanding that all these kinds of situations should be stopped immediately. Also the daily collection processes at our children homes are badly affected. So we earnestly hope for better situation in Nepal in very near future.

Thank you, Sansar,
shc Dharan,

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