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Een dag in het Saraswatihuis

The daily life schedule of children at Shree Saraswati children home.
By Namrata Rai home mother.

All the children get up by 5:30 am and after brushing their teeth, washing face, hands & legs, they get into the class room 10 minutes before 6?0 clock. Bharat sir comes every morning 5 minutes before six to give tuition and then children in the classroom becomes busy for 2 hours in study. As the tuition continues till 8 am, till then I prepare school dress, iron them, polish & brush the shoe of small children. After the tuition, children from boarding school get ready to go to school so wash their hands & legs by 8:30 am. Younger children like Anita, Unil are made ready earlier and send to have lunch. And others like Ram, Ramesh, and Bishal are instructed to tie up their dress properly if it?s not tied up well. The elder children get ready, have their lunch and go to school by quarter to nine am. Anita, Unil and Ramesh go to school by school bus. Then after, the children studying in the government school have their lunch, finish their work in the kitchen and go to school by 10 am. Children from boarding school like Surendra, Aitaraj, Sangita, Seema, Mahesh, Umesh, Dinesh, Laxman, Dek Bahadur, PhoolMaya, Laxmi return back at 1 pm for having breakfast, because their school is very near from our home. After having tiffin, they all return back to school by quarter to two. But the children from boarding school do not come during tiffin time because their schools are far enough. So these children take their breakfast along with them early in morning while going to school.
Children from government school come home by 4 pm, but some children from boarding school delay because their schools become holiday lately. However, all the children come home lately by 4:30 to 5 pm. Children who come earlier, have their breakfast, and then play for a while then after get into the classroom. At 4:30 pm, Arbind Shrestha comes and gives tuition to the children for 2 hours. Though few children are delayed from school, the other remaining children stay in the classroom for evening tuition. After they come from school, the school dresses are seen and if they are dirty, they are washed on a daily basis. The evening tuition ends at 6:30 pm and sir gives 5 minutes break each day during the class. Then for about half an hour children do the activity what they like e.g. playing, running etc. bigger children like Shyam, Surendra, Aitaraj play with computer, play guitar, listen to songs, play soft games in computer etc so as to become fresh. At 7 pm, when the bell rings, all the children go towards dining hall for dinner. Smaller children reach the sleeping room immediately after the dinner and the bigger children by 8-8:30 pm. Some children do home work, some just talk outside and at 9 pm they sleep.
These are the activities of our children from Sunday to Thursday. However, on Friday, the Arbind sir?s class starts at 2 pm till 4 pm and at 4 pm, the children practices dance. 2 teachers come and give the dance class to our children. It continues for 2 hours.
On Saturdays, computer teacher Mr. Ranjeet Kumar Pradhan comes at 8 am and gives computer class for 3 hours. So children take their breakfast before 8 am on Saturdays and enter into computer classes then after that they have lunch. Saturday is weekly holiday so, after having lunch, bigger children wash their school dress, clothes by themselves. Urmila sister and I commonly wash the clothes of smaller children, and help them bath. After that, smaller children pass the time by playing, talking, but the elder children sit in computer and listen to songs, play the soft computer games, play guitar, practice computer, watch comedy and soft movies. Generally, smaller children also enjoy the comedy movie and computer games. During day time, I let small children sleep for few hours to provide them enough rest during Saturdays. On Saturday, though the school is closed, sometimes tuition teacher comes and children studies tuition, do their homework and some playful activities.
All the children except Sangita, Tara and Manoj sit in the tuition room. They ask to the teachers if they have any kind of problem. Manoj is always busy in helping finish the home tasks. Though Sangita goes to school, she does not stay in tuition class. As Sangita is slow and not very active in studies, she is put forward in helping home and kitchen work. Sangita helps in the kitchen work in morning and evening time. As Tara is the smallest, she is not admitted to any school. She has become cleverer & talkative than last year. Some times she studies A, B, C, ...
In this way, our children pass the days. Sometimes children are taken to the temples, for a short day out, strolling around the children homes; sometimes we play the songs competition called ?Antakshari?. They like to listen to story very much so they are told the children stories also.

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