Het verhaal van Bimal

Since my childhood, I am disabled. So I was not happy with it. But later during the year 2004, how, I don?t know, I met Sudhir sir(*veldwerker van onze stichting destijds)
When he wanted to know about my situation, I told him my story and he took me to BPKIHS hospital, Dharan. There in his initiation, he arranged an operation process for my disabled leg. I always had leg pain and after the operation it was reduced, so I was very happy with this. Later he introduced me with Henk uncle. He purchased me two crutches. And I became happier by getting them. Sudhir sir admitted me to the children home by which I became very happy. Then after Henk uncle e-mailed Dr. Suraj at Pokhara and said that I was visiting Pokhara for my leg treatment. Henk uncle sent me Pokhara and there I met the doctor and he suggested me that I should not go for operation. Mrs. Ratna Prasai took me to Pokhara during that time. So the doctors took the measurements of my leg and the making of an artificial leg would take long time so Mrs. Ratna returned back to Dharan. After the leg was prepared, they gave me training for about 2 months and I returned back Duhabi home with a new artificial leg. That time I returned alone from Pokhara. And I liked that leg very much and it was very easy to walk also. Later that leg became smaller to me and I went to Pokhara and they maintained it. But again later, my thigh became smaller and the artificial leg became loose. I was worried about it so I told to Sansar sir at Dharan office. He told before we go to Pokhara, if it is maintainable from Dharan, let?s try. So we went to BPKIHS, Dharan and there my problem was solved. I was satisfied with the solution. But as my leg was getting smaller, I had problem of exactly fitting into it. So I again told Sansar sir and Naresh sir and we went to BPKIHS again. There Naresh sir took me to the same hospital and the leg was maintained again. I had got a leg from Biratnagar also, but that leg was not comfortable for me and I liked the leg from Pokhara very much. So when I told this, I was taken to Pokhara and provided with well maintained leg. This is not the new leg but some parts are maintained very well and some are changed so this leg is very easy and comfortable for me to use. Khem sir took me to Pokhara for the third time and I stayed there for about 2 weeks.

Thank you very much for Henk uncle and remembrance to Bimala aunt.

Bimal Budathoki
Duhabi home
Duhabi ? 7,


the Chairman

society for helpless children,

Dharan ? 3

Monthly report of shree Saraswati home,

For the month of july 07

  1. manoj: he stays home by doing the tasks of home and his health is good.
  2. Sangita: her school is in vacation. Her school will re-open from August 12. all other about her is okay.
  3. seema: her school will reopen from aug 12, now she is supporting the home tasks as she is having summer vacation. Though she is weak in studying, she is better in behavior and health.
  4. Sushma: her first term exam is finished and now she is at home in vacation. Her school will reopen from aug 12. her studying is ok. and her discipline is also okay.
  5. Sabita: her first term exam?s result has flashed. She has failed in 3 subjects. Ie English II, science and social studies. Her discipline is improved a little bit but does careless in studying. And others all right about her.
  6. Binita: after finishing her exams, she is having summer vacation these days. Her school will reopen from aug 12. she is good in studying and well disciplined as well. she had mumps at both the sides of her chick, after proper check up at khan medico, she has recovered now.
  7. phool maya: her school will reopen from aug 12. no any problems seen in her health and other about her is okay.
  8. anita: she finished her exams and now she is in vacation holiday, school will reopen from aug 6th of aug. she had fever from cold past few days, after having para-cetamol she is okay now.
  9. laxmi: her school is also in vacation and will reopen from aug 12. she attends tuition morning and day time.
  10. tara: she was also having fever past few days, she was given para-cetamol before going to bed, so now she is ok from yesterday. She can speak more properly these days. Its improved.
  11. Aitaraj: his school is in summer vacation and will reopen from aug 12. his study is also good. Also he is well disciplined. He is having no such problem in health.
  12. Mahesh: as his school is closed, he stays home and studies, plays at home. He is also okay in discipline and health.
  13. suren: his study is ok, well disciplined, does the things asked for and good health also. His school will reopen from aug 12.
  14. umesh: his study is okay, well disciplined, does the things asked for and good health as well. his school will reopen from aug 12.
  15. Bishal: after having exam, he is in summer vacation and will reopen on aug 16. though he is restless boy, he is okay in discipline.
  16. ram: he is good in studying. Studies well and also good in discipline. He had mumps at both side of his chik, he was taken to ?khan medico? and now he is okay. After having exams at school, he is in holidays.
  17. dek bd: he slipped his leg in the room on july 26 and had a cut at head, he was taken to khan medico and is under treatment phase. He is a bit restless among boys.
  18. unil: he is good at studying and well disciplined. His health is also not bad.
  19. Jiwan: as he is admitted to school very recently, he is not good at studying, but gives good attention during study hours. He is disciplined and good health also. His school is also in vacation.
  20. Ramesh: he is a bit weak in studying, rest less also. But other all okay. After having exams his school is in summer vacation.
  21. chiranjivi: his study and discipline is okay. Now his school is in summer vacation.
  22. shyam: his first term exam finished on june 29. so his school is also holiday and will restart on aug 15. he is good at study and discipline as well.
  23. Laxman: he is good at study but a bit restless in nature, health is fine.
  24. dinesh: a bit weak in studying. Well disciplined. His school is holiday. School will reopen from aug 12.


Thank you,

Miss Namrata Rai

Home mother

Saraswati home