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Plannen voor nieuw centrum voor vakopleiding

Self reliant trainings

1. Background

In the support of Stichting Children?s Homes, The Netherlands and in the active supervision of Society for Helpless Children, Dharan, and Helpless Children Welfare Mission, Duhabi, Shree Saraswati Home, Dharan, Himalaya Mahayan Dichhen Chyonling Gumba, Dharan operated by local boards, total 60 children are being supported. The children homes have provision of educating children till secondary level. However, the education beyond that level over there is not clear. Apart from that, weak students who are unable to secure their future through education sector do not have any other alternatives for self-dependency and the future of these kinds of children are more uncertain. Regarding this, if seriously not planned in time then whatever investments have been made upon those children from multiple donors, local collections till now, do not seem to give the meaningful result. So accordingly, a separate hostel for better children to continue higher education, who are able to secure their future through education sector and a provision of vocational training for children, who are weak, seem to be appropriate. However, the children homes have neither vision nor capacity to manage this kind of topmost prior activity. So, this project is not possible to operate without the support of any donor organization.

2. Objectives of the project

The main objectives of this project are to produce capable civil society standing on its own feet with self employment opportunities. In its course the project will serve the following objectives: 

to help in poverty alleviation
to produce skilled and capable citizens
to provide employment opportunities
to create unity, discipline and a civilized society through training
to make orphans self-reliant

3. Partner organization

Shree Saraswati Orphanage and Society for Helpless Children, Dharan, Nepal will join in the central level and Stichting children?s homes Dharan, the Netherlands stays as a donor agency for the smooth running of this project in Dharan.

4. Tentative areas of training

There are enough possibilities of providing self employment training skills on the different competitive and modern subjects in Dharan. It is because of the availability of trainers and the requirement of current social need of this region. Dharan is equipped with all kinds of technical and non technical academic courses for a long time but lacks the institution that renders vocational training in different area. In this regard the following heads of training are the most potential areas for Saraswati orphanage.

Computer: i/software & ii/hardware training
Carpentry training
House wiring training
Sewing & cutting training

Beside these areas many other new subjects may be introduced as per the requirements and demand of the age.

5. Management of the fund

? Training is free of cost as the vision of this project is to train the children from children homes and make them skilled.

? Saraswati home has formally agreed to provide necessary land in order to construct the building for vocational training center.

? For rest of the fund, it is better to manage the fund by Stichting Children Homes Dharan, The Netherlands, who has been supporting in different development activities of the children homes till date

? It is challenging job to continue with zero profit for long time.

? In future, in any case, the operation cost can be collected by ?taking in? the other members from the society apart from the children from children homes. But such provision will not be preceded without prior agreement with Stichting Children Homes Dharan, The Netherlands.

6. Management committee

The center will be running under the close supervision of a strong management committee headed by Society for Helpless Children, Dharan, Nepal. The committee will be formed by inviting members each from donor agency and local experts in authentication of orphanage along with two members from the board of Saraswati orphanage.

7. Project operation

The current project will be operated under the direction of Stichting Children?s Homes Dharan, The Netherlands.

8. Budget

1 basic carpentry cost 304,120.00
2 computer training cost 367,900.00
3 electric wiring cost 127,485.00
4 sewing & cutting cost 120,280.00
5 vocational building constr cost 2,681,856.72
total cost 3,601,641.72

The total cost of constructing the vocational training building and conducting the above said 4 trainings for a year is budgeted as NRs 3,601,641.72. However, the cost of building construction contains 4 rooms, a stair and toilets-4.

Please see the specification attached for each heading.

9. Conclusion

There is no other technical or vocational school established by any other orphanage in Sunsari district, which may provide skill development opportunities to the orphans at free of cost. This will be the first ever organization in the district which aims to alleviate poverty the conversion of unemployed man power into a self reliant resource for the nation. This center will be a model for other development regions as a service oriented organization. No doubt, the center will support in developing skills in different areas of knowledge and generate employment opportunities to the trainees.

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