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Bericht Dipendraschool

Dear Sir


I'm going to provide you a brief report of the Dipendra project as following - Project Report -

The project of the Dipendra School (school building ? 3rd phase) is almost completed. We?d made regular follow-up around 10 to 12 days to the place of carpenter to make complete the wooden window and door pane. Now it had been completed and fitted at the right place (at the new rooms of the school building). So, now painting work is being over there. After completion of the painting work, the project (3rd phase) would be completed. Then, SHC will provide you the final amount of the expences.

Further Plan regarding the Project ?

Now SHC is doing further work regarding the time and situation. It is the time of new session of the school. So, SHC had distributed the new books for the children of the upgrading class as well as copies, pencils, Dot pen?.  Some days later, SHC will distribute the new books and stationeries to the new admitted children.  

Now, SHC is making further plan as following ?

White Board management -
Desk / Bench management ?
Supplement of the necessary stationary (regarding the Budget) to the school administration ?
Supplement of the playing material to the children.

But now we?ve some problem regarding the white board. The people of the Dipendra School had made the request (In requested Budget 2009) of Npr 1,000 for 1 white board. In this way, they?ve made the request of Npr 5,000 for 5 no. of white boards. But the request was not realistic. The market price of 1 white board, at present time, is around 3,000. According to the market price of present time, we need extra amount of Npr 10,000 (5,000+10,000 = 15,000) for 5 no. of white boards. But we?ve no extra amount to afford to it immediately. So, SHC is making plan to provide at least 3 white boards using some, partial, amount of the Display board(granted Budget 2009). We?re going to reduce the no. of Display boards to manage the white boards. At present time, they most needed the white boards. It is in 1st priority rather than the Display board. We?ve discussed to the people of SMC and to the teachers, they?ve been agree to do so. We need your consent from your side. So, we?re making request you to grant us permission to do so.

Thank you. 

Naresh Shrestha

SHC-Dharan, Nepal.


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