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Dear Sir

SHC has launched the book distribution program at Dipendra School today. The children and their guardian from local community have been participated in this program and they?ve been very happy getting books, copies, pencils and Dot pens. The Guardians and the school teachers have asked ?Thanks? to Mr. Henk and to Martine. The books have been distributed by Mr. Katuwal. He?d delivered some speeches on that occasion as following ? These children are innocent and need to get the opportunity to study. It is their right also. We (the Guardians) have to care on this matter. We?ve no rights to violate their rights. These Children are getting less facility rather than the children of the city (Dharan city). But these children might be a doctor or a engineer in future. Addressing to the children, ?Children! You?ve to read and write properly, take care of your books, copies; do not tear of it.? The School management committee as well as the staff members (the teachers) need to take care on the betterment of the children. The toilet should be clean. The water supply from the water tank should be properly managed. If we?ll care on this matter, then, the children will be benefited and the donation of the donor organization will be utilized properly. I'm sending you some pics of this program although it is not so fine taken by old camera of our office.

Thank you,
Naresh Shrestha
SHC-Dharan, Nepal.

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