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Shyam geslaagd

Shyam Tamang is met hoge cijfers geslaagd voor zijn eindexamen. Dat werd gevierd in het Sarasvati kinderhuis. Shyam gaat nu naar college.


bericht in de plaatselijke krant

Child of the Children Home been honored

SSCS (Shree Saraswati Children Shelter) had arranged a program and honored to Shyam Saraswati who has passed SLC examination in this year 2065 BS (2009) securing 74% of marks. The program had arranged in the conference hall of Saraswati home. Shyam, who had been passed SLC from Vijayapur higher secondary school, as well as other children (Ram saraswati, Laxman saraswati, Chirinjivi) who had possessed good position in their level,  been honored and got prizes. The board members, guests and speakers had appreciated to shyam very much saying that Shyam has secured best result in SLC examination living in Children home. The board members had given him cash prizes and gifts. The guests and speakers had advised to other children to follow the way of Shyam. Shyam had delivered few words in this program saying that he has got more support from this shelter. So, he?ll afford all his might to keep the name and fame of this shelter. Around 850 (eight hundred and fifty) lifetime members, 15 boys and 10 girls and 7 paid members (staffs) are in this shelter and most of the private (boarding) school have granted 1 seat as scholarship (free education) for the children of this shelter. The tutors, Mr. Bharat Chetri and Mr. Prabin Bajracharya, had also been honored and got the letter of Appreciation. As well as it had granted the letter of Thanks to the Vijayapur higher secondary school which had provided the scholarship (free education) to Shyam from class 6 to class 10. Mr. Ramesh Tamrakar, the chief of SOS, was the chief guest and Mr. Tirtha raj Rai was the chairman of this program.

# Morning Times (National ? daily)
   8 July, 2009, Wednesday.

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