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Bericht Duhabi

The work of contruction has been completed and now the remained work of plumber and carpentering for the torn net are left. Here is a snap of those constructional works.

As per mrs Koirala's matter (assistent homemother) is concerned, she is deciding to leave after this february and the work to search for new home mother is going on. similarly two teachers for dance and computer has been searched and will be interviewed from our Board in coming Board meeting. both teachers are local and their names are Rinki Karki (dance teacher) and Ajit Chapagain (computer). the dance teacher is a lady. besides all the kids are doing well. In our Duhabi Home a new trend had been adopted and that is the regular monthly check-up for the kids. this has been done so that the kids can always be aware of their health. similarly counseling to kids is also done at regular interval of times as per to act in good ways with their own friends, brothers and sisters.
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