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Nieuwe project manager

Ranjeet Pradhan

Hello, Nameste
My name is Ranjeet Pradhan and I'm 24 years old. I live in Dharan, Nepal. I am studing MBS (Master in Business Studies). I've been working in Society For Helpless Children Dharan for 4 and half years as a computer Tutor. I used to go to teach computer weekly in three projects to orphaned children. I had been also engaging at Saraswati Children Shelter Dharan for 2 years as a office assistant. Now I'm just fully working in SHC as a project manager. I'm also going to continue the website work.
I come from middle class family. My father is used to do a small government job. I'm also studying in a government collage. It is pleased to work in SHC because here I find the actual work that I always wanted to do.  I've been working with orphaned children for years, So, I've some wonderful experiences with these kinds of children. I think somehow we all should help these children with our commitment. 
I saw different kind of children including normal as well as disabled. All of the kids are really great with varying personalities, talents, and gifts. In our Nepal there are not good facilities for these kinds of children, generally here these children are in poor and critical situation. The orphaned children who don't live in orphaned shelter they have to beg or have to collect garbage so they can survive and orphaned children are not also in good situation until they don't have our support. There are many orphaned children who are in remote areas in Nepal, I just can't describe how critical is  their situation. I'm very thankful that our organization helps and cares these kinds of children and feels responsibilities to make their future bright and I feel great to be part of it.
Working with orphaned children for some years I've some knowledge how they are living here, there needs, wishes and other things I wish that I could at least do something for them and I'm happy that our organization does something, actually has done many things. I've got love and affection from them and suddenly my work has become my duty. Being a project manager I've some plan to give them support and care in near future. For me it is important that I can make a difference working in SHC.
At last I would like to ask all of you living outthere for any kind of help to underdeveloped countries like Nepal contribute to a steady increase in the affects of neglect, abandonment, alcoholism and poverty on unfortunate children. I'd also definitely encourage anyone who is considering volunteering in Dharan Nepal and help these children.
It is a great way to  help and experience the Nepalese way of sustaining, languages, hospitality and wonderful memories to spending sharing your time gifts to the children not only the time of your duration but also for your life time.
Thank You!!!

Ranjeet Pradhan
Project Manager
Society For Helpless Children
Dharan, Nepal

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