Onderhoud Duhabi

8 januari. De onderhoudswerkzaamheden voor het kinderhuis in Duhabi zijn van start gegaan! Het huis dat met behulp van de Stichting is gebouwd in 2004, willen we graag in goede staat houden. Hiervoor is regulier onderhoud noodzakelijk. Dit gebeurt aan de hand van een onderhoudsplan. We hebben hiervoor ca 1000 euro gereserveerd: zie onder het bericht van de coordinator Suraj, die ook probeert lokaal fondsen te werven:

Namaste Mr. Henk
The maintainance work in Duhabi Home is been going on and it is all well going. The plumber has completed his first phase work whereas the masons are going on.. I have tried to attach snaps but because of the slow networking they hadnot been attached so I apologise for that.... Mr. Ton and Mrs Jacqueline, though lately but on behalf of kids in Duhabi Home i wish you both a great new year 2010. Besides all the things are going smoothly and Mr. Henk here the staffs are also working well and the fund raising programme from my level is still on. Hope we will be helped... Also today I have requested the VDC chairman to connect the electricity line which they used to provide free of cost. I hope he might give us positive answer..... I will try to attach snaps from Biratnagar if I get time to go there...
with warm regards