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Rapport Duhabi juni

Report for the month of June
"I hereby present the report for the month of June after my close observations and study during this whole month. The facts and events that took place during the month of June and activities that have held during this month are reported to you as they were:
Here in Duhabi home a sound co-ordination between staffs, kids and villagers is been trying to set up. Although the kids now possess a new status among all of them but yet a relation between them that prolong, such kind of works are been trying by Duhabi home.
E.g.: Duhabi home calls for a staff meeting along with kids for a discussion to know the problems and solutions. Similarly, villagers and outside kids are allowed to interact with our kids in presence of us.
The kids of government school are now in their vacation. It started from 1st July whereas kids of boarding school are going to have their 1st terminal examination from 8th of July. During this month, basically the older kids were given some responsibilities like taking care of younger kids in their studies in my supervision and they were quite good. During this month, the overall health conditions of all kids were sound.   During this month, Duhabi home started a programme called "Interactions between kids and staff". In this programme we all staffs and kids talked about various things like games, studies, food and about each other and they seemed quite free and frank to us. They were asked about if they have any problems, the way they look at Duhabi home and how they feel for us. Being a kid their answers were kind. In this same programme, through a discussion among staffs only, we found that all kids were doing well but Santosh and Pramod sometimes becomes a mischievous kids and Kiran lies oftenly. Sita was found to be very helpful kids and besides were good. 
During this month, through the Board meeting, paints were concluded to be requested from an industry but since the concerned person was abroad, Duhabi home waited for a few days."
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