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Maaltijdproject Dipendraschool, een bericht

On may 16 Dipendra Primary School started the daily breakfast program for the students. It was planned from few years back but now finally it has been starting succesfuly. The children were very much happy by running this kind of program in their school.

There are more than 130 students will be feeded daily except in holidays. This program is intented to increase the attendance of the children. The local children are not being regular in school and the school commitee has believed that this program will make the difference. The children will get various kind of Nepali local meal according to weekly breakfast chart.

The dutch organization Stichting Children Home's Dharan has sponsered for this program for 1 year. The local people are also showing their enthusiam to start this kind of program and they are also helping by cooking the meal. They are pleased to do for their children.

Foto's van het ontbijtproject van de Dipendraschool

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Youtube filmpje van het ontbijtproject van de Dipendraschool

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