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Nieuwe office manager

Er is een nieuwe office manager aangesteld door onze Nepalese partnerorganisatie SHC. Zijn naam is Anir Khatiwada. Hij stelt zich hier onder voor.

Hello and Namaste,

My name is Anir Khatiwada. I was born in Dharan in 1975 in a middle class family. I?ve completed my Masters Degree in Rural Development. I am married with two beautiful kids, one boy and one girl. They are 7 years and 7 months respectively.

From the very beginning I was planning to work as a social worker. But due to various circumstances that was not possible for me at that time. In the meanwhile I went to Australia for further education. That was in July 2007 and came back on April 2011. My father was not well so I have to come back to my country without finishing the course. I was studying Hospitality Management there.

Now I think that I have to utilize my knowledge in my own country. As I am fond of children I thought this office SHC will be my platform to work with children. Really these deprived as well as orphan children are the most vulnerable ones. If they get good care and reorganization then they can be able human being. All they need is caring and support. And I believe that I am suitable also as I have taught nearly a decade in various schools.

I came to know about this Society 5 years ago at that time also I thought of joining this office but it was not possible. Anyway again I got the chance to work with deprived and orphan children through this office I will not let it down. I will use my optimum efforts to make positive results.

Lastly, I like to say that whenever I make mistakes please show me the right track so that I may not continue to do so. I have patience and can work in any situation. I am very much grateful to this Society/Stichting. Thanks and god blesses us.

Sincerely Yours,
Anir Khatiwada
Project Manager
Society for Helpless Children, Dharan, Nepal
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