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Verslag bezoek op 8 februari

Today (Feb 8) I visited Saraswati Home and Dipendra School. The following are the things that I saw in both places:

A. Saraswati Home
? When I reached at 9:30 AM Urmila sister has already finished the cleaning of the kitchen. Kitchen seems really neat and tidy.
? Purna brother was looking after the bridge construction. Bridge construction was really working at speed. They have finished the two side pillar and doing the setting work.
? I was unable to meet Namrata sister as she was not in the Home premises. Later Punya brother told me that she was in the shop.

B. Dipendra School
? In play group section I found 6 students without school uniforms. When asked to teacher she said that they have joined the school in the middle of the session.
? One school teacher was absent as she has taken leave from the school.
? In every class 90 % students were present when asked about this respective class teachers said that due to cold this happens. 
? More than 50% students seem dirty when asked to their teachers they said that parents are not following their request.
? Kitchen work is in the verge of completion only glass pane and some minor things were left. 
? Today they were serving noodles (spaghetti) as meal for students. 
? The environment of the school was tidy.

From this visit I came to know that our budget was really doing well as some minor issues are still prevailing like tidiness of children, teacher not present and students little disobedient in Dipendra School. As in Saraswati Home everything seems ok. Thanks.
Sincerely Yours,
Anir Khatiwada, Manager
Society For Helpless Children, Dharan
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