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Nieuwe huismoeders Saraswati kinderhuis

On January 27th, Saraswati Home along with SHC selects two staffs namely Ms Durga Devi Wagle (Home Mother) and Ms Sushma Darjee (Cook Mother). Both Home Mothers has completed School Leaving Certificate (SLC) from Nepal Government. Ms Wagle has completed in Second Division and has worked as a School Teacher in a local boarding school. She has also completed Tailoring Training. Ms Darje has also completed SLC in Third Division. She has worked as a cook in Duhabi Home before. We (SHC) are constantly looking at their activities and found good till date. Both of them were in a probation period for 6 months so if anything goes wrong they will be fired. Both are treating the children well and cooperation among them is also very good. I've individually asked the children about both of them and found that children are also quite intimate with them. The Saraswati Home has provided us with the application and their certificates. Thanks. Sincerely Yours, Anir, SHC.

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