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A letter from SHC

SHC chairman Mr. Katuwal is positive regarding the issue of helping victimized children and he agrees that it is very important to find new sponsors to be able to help these children. But he argued that it is very fresh incident and still the Nepalese government is having problem in controlling the situation. It is certainly a big challenge for government to overcome current circumstances. On the other part, different media and geographical authorities are alarming about another big aftershock in Nepal. Thus people are still in panic and very attentive for a new shake. In this situation, we cannot proceed ahead practically in obtaining victimized children. Government authority won’t allow us to do this practice right away as they are still busy in collecting data regarding death, victim and injury. Only thing we can do right now is making clear connections between all other parties who have been working for same goal (as we do). I have already talked with new director of SOS Itahari and he promised to keep in touch with us soon. Mr. Katuwal, during his stay at Kathmandu, also contacted SOS Bhaktapur regarding victimized children. In my idea also a meeting for this particular issue is important to plan for collecting/ accepting those victimized children by discussing with our board members. The network links of our board people can of course help us accomplishing our current mission.

Saurav Udash office manager SHC

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