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Verhaal Saraswati

Over het Saraswati Huis

Het onderstaande verhaal is geschreven door Shyam Saraswati (klas 7, Saraswati-huis):

"This Orphanage had been established in the year 2048 by Krishna Shahi. This orphanage was started with two children. Now, here are 9 girls and 9 boys, altogether 18 students. Here are 17 head members who help to run this orphanage. This orphanage is also helped by Dutch foundation. That organization is represented by Henk uncle. He visits here every year.

When this orphanage was established the situation of this orphanage was not good. That time we could not get any facilities. But now, we are getting all kinds of facilities like: Computer class, nutritious food, medical facilities, items of personal grooming, cloths, tuition classes, etc. Here are two-tuition teachers who teach us very nicely. They teach us English, Math, Science and other subjects also.

We are looking after by several people here. One home mother helps us to manage our different things in our daily life. And the other sister cooks food for us. We have one guard brother who looks after us and don?t let unknown people enter our Orphanage. This house is like our own house. We all live here like our own brothers and sisters. All our needs are fulfilled by this orphanage.

The entire member loves us like our own father and mother. They help us in all the ways. We also celebrate different programs and festivals here together. We enjoy and have a lot of fun. Every year, we go picnic. The life in this orphanage is very comfortable. I think the children who get chance to stay here is very lucky and we are also very lucky.

We study in different schools. A child who is hardworking and has good mind can get chance to read in English school. Here are seven students who read in English school and other in government schools. We have health insurance facilities also at B.P.K.I.H.S. People from different countries visit here time to time. All of them loved us and we also like them all. Finally, I say to all that do not feel helpless in this world and always be happy and in cheerful mood. Thank you."

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