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Oudere pupillen kinderhuis Duhabi december 2020

Kinderhuis Duhabi december 2020

Toyaz Gautam
Toyaz Gautam is 16 and studying in class 9 at local boarding school. He feels good at home and has positive thoughts about the home. He is fond of physical exercise and play football. His hobby is to be a football player and to join the Nepal Army. Toyaz is active and sporty thus had difficulty during lockdown. He misses his friends with whom he used to play football every day!

Anoj Gautam
Anoj is 16 years boy and living at home since last 10 years. He is in class 8 at boarding school. He is good in study and extracurricular activities like football, cricket, & drawing. His favourite subject is social studies. Anoj loves to explore new things and also loves painting. He can deal financial parts thus loves to go to market. He wants to be a pathologist which is costly in Nepal. He fears the supernatural power of ghosts thus puts on light at nights. He is happy with the Home facility and opportunities provided to him. Out of all he is happy with the good food, and educational facility at home. He is happy with the service of mothers because they take care of them like their own children. We are looking for sponsoring of the education of Anoj.

Milan Raut
Milan is a 14 years old boy studying in class 6. He is good and receptive too. He has good command in English and Nepali both. However he is not that keen in personal hygiene. He is honest in financial matters and can buy the goods in cheap rates. He wants to be a teacher in future because he finds this profession respected. To be a qualified teacher in future, he might need about € 4000. - To get bachelor level.

Anju Tamrakar
Anju is a 14 years old girl studying in class 8. She is in this home since last 12 years. She wants to be selected as miss Nepal and adapt nursing as her profession. She is very active and good in her study. Anju is fond of online education which she finds effective and time saving. She mostly can solve her study problem without any help from tutors. She is one of the sponsored girls by a Dutch lady for the coming 5 years.

Deepa Dhakal
Deepa (18 year) completed class 8. She is over age for her class. She has learning difficulties. She feels good and secured at home. She is happy and content with everything she has been getting here. She is individually sponsored by a Dutch former volunteer via stichting She loves dancing and playing with small kids. She extends her helping hand to mothers in kitchen, gardening and cleaning. She wants to join vocational courses in incense making, or tailoring or dolls making.

Riju Gautam
Riju is one of the senior boys of the home. He is 20 now and completed college (12 class). Riju quitted his further studies and joined Red Mud Coffee, (Rockstart network company in Kathmandu.) He is under training in making Barista organic coffee. He has been 2 years living in Kathmandu and working as waiter at coffee shop. He has also good painting and sketch skills. Riju had successfully completed 4 months training in painting in Pokhara. He is individually sponsored by a Dutch sponsor. After his Barista training at Red mud café he wants to open a small coffee corner at Duhabi or nearby city.

Sita Gautam
Sita is another eldest daughter of home. She is 21 and passed grade 10 (highschool level). She had learning difficulties thus quitted her studies. Sita wants to live independent by taking a job nearby in Duhabi. She is physically weak too. Sita is helps home mothers in taking care of small brothers and sisters at home. She is interested in music and dance.

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