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Nieuws uit Dharan

Children taken for child labour, returned back
The attached cut piece of local newspaper (Blast Times, zie onder) is related with the families of Falkland area, Dharan. It reports that a lady, Shyam kala Rai encourages two poor parents to send their children (11 years old) with her in Kathmandu so that she will employ them in work for earnings. Shyam kala was recommended by her sister, Durga Rai from the same locality. Both parents were paid Rs. 1000 each and promised them that their children will be employed for paid work at jewellery shops in Kathmandu. Both children, SUMAN BK and SUSAN RAI were studying in Dipendra School in class-3 and they belong to the very poor family group. After some investigation, police department was able to arrest the lady with both children at Kanchanpur district, on the way to Kathmandu. Both children are already returned back to their parents. Shyam kala admitted to police, that it was all done with the agreement of parents. She provided money when she noticed the quite miserable condition of both families. The legal formalities were completed between police department and Shyam kala. This live example clearly explains the real condition of that family, whose children are studying in Dipendra School. It is of course very difficult for School to deal these real circumstances. 

New child in Duhabi home
A few days back the 8 years old child, Milan Raut, was brought in Duhabi home for admission. He is a brother of Ritan Raut, a junior boy from Duhabi home. It was simply explained that the child was looking after by his relative in past days and from few months back, the child lacked the proper care from his caretaker due to the severe economic condition and his caretaker said that he is not able to look after the child further. Finally, a neighbor, with the help of social worker and clubs, brought him in Duhabi home. Milan Raut has kept in Duhabi for provisional period until his entire document for legal formalities will not receive. His both parents have deceased according to the documents.

Regards, SAURAV


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