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Engelse les

Kinderen van de Dipendra school leren engels

My name is Krishna BK.
I read in Class-4 and my Roll no. is 9.
The name of my school is Dipendra school and it is in Dharan-17.
Sir in no. 2 Miss in no. 3 are in my school.
Sir and Miss teach us very good. They love us and we also love them. Students are also very good.
A library and books are in our school and I usually read the books in the library.
Compound wall is not in our school. That?s why our school is usually being dirty. No flowers and garden due to the lack of Compound wall.
Playing materials like ? Swing, Slider ?etc. are not in our school.

My best things-
Game ? Quiz contest.
Flower ? Rose.
Subjects ? English & Math.
Place ? ?Saptarangi Park?

My name is Bishnu Maya Basnet.
I read in Class-4 in Dipendra school.
My school is near of 5 minutes walk from my home.
My school starts at 9.45am.
We sang the National song in pray time at outside. Then, we sang the class-wise song in our classroom.
I like this school and I?m reading in this school since last year.
Our teachers are good.
We are altogether 15 students (6 girls and 9 boys) in my class.
Tap, toilets, Desk / bench, library / books and 7 rooms are in my school but compound wall is not in our school.
That?s why usually our school would be dirty. We clean the school.
Flowers are not in school due to the lack of compound wall.
Playing materials (football, Ludo, skipping, badminton, basket ball) are not in our school.

My best things-
Game ? Chess, Quiz contest.
Flower ? Rose.
Subject ? My English book, ?Mero Desh?
Fruit - Orange.
Clothes ? Vest, Midi.

My name is Surja Kala Rai.
I read in Class-4.
My home is nearby the shool.
I?m studying in this school since 5 years (from nursery).
In total 150 no. children are in my school.
7 rooms are in my school.
2 toilets, tap and ground are in my school.
Our school would be very nice if flowers were there.

My best things-
Game ? Quiz contest, Chess.
Food - Rice, breakfast, chocolate.
Flower ? Rose, Rhododendron.


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